Sea Bed Imaging

Sidescan Sonar

StarFish 450F

Our entry level sonar system, combining 450kHz chirped operation with a 1.7° horizontal beam width

StarFish 452F

Our most popular system, combining 450kHz chirped operation with a 0.8° horizontal beam width for higher definition.

StarFish 990F

Our highest definition system, combining 1MHz chirped operation with a 0.3° horizontal beam width, commonly used for search-and-rescue applications.

StarFish 450H

A hull-mounted version of our StarFish450F system, suitable for small inshore craft operating in shallow water.


StarFish 453OEM

ROV/AUV OEM integratable version of the 452 StarFish with reduced horizontal beam width (0.5°) for improved image quality and 300m depth rating.

Aquaventures, Inc. is an authorized distributor for FT-TEC products.

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