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LTS 20 - Live Tracking System
The basic system includes two beacons, a base station and a charging station.
  • The beacon broadcasts the GPS position to other beacons and the base station for at least 12 hours.
  • A fully charged beacon has a standby time of 24 hours.
  • The other beacon(s) can track the transmitting beacon with an RDF bearing.
  • The base station converts the radio signal to the AIS frequency so that the host vessel can see the beacon on AIS enabled devices such as chart plotters.
  • The system support up to 256 beacons.
  • The beacons are charged inductively by placing on the charging station.
  • The beacons are water activated.
  • The beacons can be geofenced  so if the beacon leaves the area it will set the alarm. This is important when using with pets dockside, towing a dinghy or tender or if attached to something valuable onboard. 
  • The alarm has both sound and vibration to alert the owner.
  • The mobile phone app will also track the beacon when in cellular range with WiFi.
The introductory price  for a complete system is $599 USD. We can take orders now with availability in March 2020.