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Frequently Asked Questions

Man Overboard Beacons

  • When my MMSI number is programmed into the MOB does the DSC alert go out to all vessels?
No, the DSC alert will only register on your vessel's VHF radio. All Call DSC alerts from MOBs are presently not allowed. The AIS alert does go to ALL vessels equipped with AIS receivers.
  • What do I do with the unit when the battery expires?
In the past you would send the unit to us with $100 (USD) and we would send you a new unit. However, since we do not have new units due to the unavailability of the needed printed circuit boards, we can only offer the ability to replace the batteries in your expired unit and recertify. Please contact us for current pricing to do so.
  • Can I program the MMSI number into the unit myself? 
Yes, but only with an Android device. MOB units are programmed using NFC (Near Field Communication). Apple devices do not allow NFC apps because this is used for Apple Pay. 
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