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Diving Products

Aquaventures Inc. is proud to represent products from Blueprint Subsea, England, which feature advanced technology for underwater navigation, search and rescue and diver tracking systems.

Artemis Diver Navigation with Sonar and DVL (Doppler Velocity Log)

Diver Navigation


Blueprint Subsea manufactures and sells a range of navigation consoles for search-and-rescue, Naval and EOD divers. Features of the range include...

  • Forward Looking Sonar

  • FDVL Dead-Reckoning Navigation

  • GPS Navigation Float

  • Depth, Heading, Attitude & Immersion Sensors

  • Logging of Sonar, Navigation & Dive Data

  • S57/S63 Charting

SeaTrac Diver Tracking System

Introducing the SeaTrac X150 Micro-USBL tracking beacon. Built around a robust broadband spread spectrum signalling scheme, this multi-purpose acoustic transponder beacon is capable of simultaneously tracking up to 14 other asset positions while undertaking bi-directional data exchange. Applications include... Multi-beacon tracking system (for ROVs, AUVs, Divers etc). Remote control and interrogation of sub-sea equipment AUV/Diver telemetry links Remote depth, attitude and orientation measurement. Position Tracking When used in a tracking application, one X150 is mounted from the supervisor vessel, and connected to a PC running the SeaTrac NavPoint display and logging software. All positions are computed by the X150 beacon, so no additional PC hardware is required. Sub-surface assets to be tracked (including Divers, ROV's, AUV's etc) are fitted with an X110 beacon, and optionally may use the data port to provide periodic acoustic communications with other systems and sensors. In this mode up to 14 beacons may be tracked at ranges up to 1km from the supervisor, with the position of each being optionally broadcast to others in the network.

Seatrac Navpoint

SeaTrac NavPoint  is a Windows software application that allows users to track up to 14 underwater assets, each fitted with a SeaTrac acoustic beacon, from a single USBL beacon. NavPoint has a variety of features to help users perform positioning, navigation and survey tasks, including the logging and playback of operational data, interfaces to satellite positioning systems, geographic markers, waypoint and destination navigation information and real-time data output to other NEMA compatible systems. Data logged during operations can be reviewed while a job is still in progress, and NavPoint can export geographic data in a variety of third party formats, including KML and CSV. NavPoint is compatible with Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP, and requires a PC with one free Serial port, or USB port and customer supplied USB-to-Serial converter.

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